Charity, Social Enterprise and Faith Insurance

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CaSE Charity Insurance is comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective. It is tailored to fit the needs of your charity, community or voluntary organisation. Read more and quote.

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CaSE’s specialist insurance extends to social enterprises and businesses focused on doing good. Our policy is designed to cover everything you may need. Read more and quote.

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CaSE Faith Insurance is for faith-based and religious groups and places of worship. This includes churches, mosques, synagogues, gurdwaras and more. Read more and quote.

About CaSE Insurance

Created by the Sector, for the Sector

CaSE Insurance was created by the charity sector, for the charity sector. We were established and remain part-owned by the charity law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite and by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). CaSE Insurance represents a unique partnership between charity and insurance specialists. Find out more about our partners. Our founders created CaSE with the mandate to provide comprehensive and cost-effective insurance to the charity and community group sector and, after 10 years serving civil society, we have expanded to include insurance for Social Enterprises, Faith-based Organisations and Places of Worship.

CaSE Insurance only insures charities, social enterprises, voluntary and community groups and faith-based organisations. As well as providing insurance services, we act as our clients’ risk management partner – providing risk management support and guidance. We always aim to be approachable, professional, trustworthy, responsive, and competitive. We currently insure over 4000 organisations and the list of non-profit organisations that we insure is growing. Find out more about us.

Our Insurance

CaSE Insurance provide a specialist, ‘bespoke’ combined policy that is designed for charities, voluntary, social enterprise and faith-based groups of all sizes. This flexible policy, along with others that CaSE have access to, can be tailored to meet the insurance requirements of your charity and our specialist insurance features a multitude of extensions that mean you have the security you require, no matter your size, complexity or activities. As well as our main combined policy, CaSE Insurance also provides a easy-to-buy insurance package for smaller organisations called CaSE Select. We can also provide individual areas of cover where required.

All of our insurance policies include basic charity liability insurance, including Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and Products Liability. These are the basic insurances required by most organisations. Beyond these core covers, CaSE will tailor your policy to your organisation’s size, complexity and activities. This allows you to have a combined policy that is comprehensive in terms of cover, but competitive in terms of insurance premium.

Get a Charity Insurance Quote: View our insurance services, where you can choose the product that suits your organisation. There you can request your insurance quote online. If you are a small charity or other organisation – with an income under £500,000 and no building to insure – you can get a quote quickly and easily with our CaSE Select Insurance.

Trusted Charity Insurer

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CaSE Insurance is both of and for the sector and relationships really matter to us.  Apart from our close links with NCVO and BWB, we have many other relationships within the sector. We work with many umbrella bodies for the benefit of their members and of the sector as a whole.

Find out more about our partners

We are focused on:

  • Saving money for individual policyholders
  • Providing the right cover for your organisation
  • Improving risk management and offering support
  • Offering group purchasing arrangements to generate new income in support of initiatives in the sector