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Charity Shop and Social Enterprise Insurance

Charity Shops are a key part of many charities. Operating as their retail arm – often in a social enterprise structure – these shops provide vital fundraising that charities are heavily reliant on. CaSE Insurance are thoroughly embedded in the charity sector and, as such, our Charity Insurance policy is perfectly suited to Charity Shops and includes Products Liability, Stock-in-Trade cover and insurance for both employed and volunteer shop assistants.

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Who’s it for?

CaSE Charity Insurance is designed for charities, voluntary and community groups of all types and sizes. Our policy also provides cover for Charity Shops and other trading/retail wings of charitable organisations or social enterprises. Our policy provides cover for the organisation, the shop, the contents and more!

What’s covered?

Our Charity Shop Insurance policy provides all the cover that your charity or social enterprise may need, including cover for your charity shop or your retail/trading operation. We can insure your retail premises and all your stock and other contents, including tills and cash and money on-site. The CaSE Charity Insurance policy also treats volunteers as if they were employees and can thus cover your volunteer shop assistants as employees.

Key Points

  • Cover to protect your charity shop, contents, stock, staff, volunteers and products
  • Treats your charity shop volunteers as employees, not the public, unlike many business policies
  • Provides cover for all your stock-in-trade and can provide goods-in-transit cover
  • We cover you for most fundraising events and activities
  • Extensions available, such as Fidelity, protecting you against theft by employees or volunteers
  • Cover for cash under certain circumstances

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