Group Personal Accident

CaSE Group Personal Accident cover provides cash sums in the event that your staff (and volunteers, if you choose to cover them) suffer an injury while on duty.

The policy provides specified capital sums (one off payments) and/or weekly payments for specified periods in the event of death or total or partial disablement. Additional sums may be paid to help with re-training or rehabilitation and funeral expenses

Payments made under this policy are paid to the organisation that takes out the cover and not to the person who is injured. The organisation can of course choose to pass on some or all of the payment to the injured person.

This cover should not be confused with Employers’ Liability which typically covers the organisation for its legal liability for damages and claimants costs in respect of injury sustained by any person employed arising out of and in the course of their employment. This cover is a mandatory requirement for any organisation employing staff or having volunteers “working under direction”.

CaSE Group Personal Accident cover can be provided on its own or with our Group Travel Insurance. We use one form to understand your requirements for both types of cover. Getting a quote is easy. Click ‘Download the Proposal’ and return the completed form to us by email using the submit button.