At CaSE Insurance we are very proud to insure many Age UK charities. It means we know a lot about the services you provide and about your excellent risk management.

Worried about costs?

With an ageing population and the squeeze on public sector commissioning budgets, we know the pressure is on the Age UK network. Fundraising is a huge challenge and you have already cut costs to the bone, so where can you look next? We think we can help, albeit in a small way…

We will…

  • Provide the same cover as you have now (within the limits of our policy wording)
  • Reduce your overall bill by at least 5%
  • Fix the new lower price for three years, even if insurance rates increase in the meantime.

Getting a quote is dead simple; send a copy of your schedule to us by email with a quick note of your income, staff and volunteer numbers and a brief note of any claims.

Cost reduction for smaller Age UK’s

If your income is less than £250,000 a year and you don’t have a building to insure then you should try our very competitive online product, CaSE Select.

Do you have the right cover?

We have analysed the services offered by a huge number of Age UK charities and we have made sure that we can provide cover for all of them. And we have prepared a modular Business Description to make sure we cover all your activities.

Trading businesses

Many Age UK charities have trading arms which we can usually insure as part of the charity itself, saving cost. Where the charity wants it insured separately we can of course do so. And where you are setting up a new trading entity, perhaps a joint venture with another Age UK or other charity, we can provide our full range of charity cover. The new entity may be a commercial organisation but providing its profits are being ploughed back into a charity or charities, we can provide CaSE Insurance.

The FREE CaSE Information Service

The CaSE Information Service is designed to give charities and social enterprises up-to-date and reliable information on relevant Risk Management, Health and Safety, Compliance and Legal issues. It is FREE to our clients. You can sign up for regular updates on specific issues or you can use the quick search facility to find safety manuals, checklists, handbooks, timelines, risk education materials, Powerpoint presentations, forms, staff training modules, customisable policies and more. It’s an excellent asset for resource and time poor Age UK charities. A brief introduction is available here.

Risk management

If you would like to read a brief but relevant review of charity insurance, we have produced a ‘Guide to Insuring Your Charity’ which contains some useful information, advice and tips. Simply email us to request a copy. We are also at the end of phone with free advice if you need us,whether you are a customer of ours or not.

Working with your broker

Most of our Age UK clients insure with us directly but if you value the service your broker provides we may be able to provide CaSE Charity Insurance through your existing insurance broker. Simply ask your broker to contact us on your behalf.

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We were happy to move our insurance to CaSE this year because the price was cost effective and the cover provided was tailored well to our requirements. It was also very easy to speak to an underwriter for advice.

Constructing Better Health

CaSE were very easy to deal with and seemed to understand the needs of small arts charities like ours. We have been very happy with their service and provision so far.

Artworks in Teesdale