Introducing Creating Ground CIC

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The Aviva Community Fund is back! After taking requests for support from many of our wonderful charity clients this year, we finally settled on Creating Ground CIC’s Creative Skills as the project whose application we would support for 2017.

The Aviva Community Fund

How better to introduce the Aviva Community Fund that to let Aviva do it themselves… “The Aviva Community Fund is back, offering support and funding to causes that make a real difference where you live. All over the country, local community projects are using ordinary objects to do extraordinary things. From a gardening trowel to a football, anything can mean everything when it comes to improving local lives through a community project. And that’s what the Aviva Community Fund is all about – helping communities make a big difference through small changes.”

As an insurance broker and partner of Aviva, CaSE Insurance is able to support a project application by entering the competition on their behalf. This allows our chosen project to be entered in additional funding award categories. We are also pleased to provide help in drawing up the application and guidance throughout the process.

Introducing Creative Skills

“Distress, social isolation and low self-esteem are emotions commonly seen in our clients, and through living in refuges or temporary accommodation they may also lack the confidence, motivation and know-how for thriving in the UK.  The Creative Skills workshops will provide a sense of normality, consistency and support to women whose lives have been rocked and their family units altered significantly.”

“The main aim of these workshops, run by experienced leader Laura, is to teach skills that women can use to support their young families and employ in future careers. However, the workshops also provide a platform for education on how systems in the UK work and vital signposting to services that they may require access to.  In truly welcoming these women to their new home, London, we can help relieve stress, develop confidence and introduce them to new friends and support networks.”

“The workshops involve a range of creative skills sessions; the creative process helps establish a safe, friendly and supportive environment whilst also teaching skills to support our service-users, their families and enhance their prospects. The topics, education, signposting and discussions are entirely driven by the women’s concerns, needs and aspirations.”

Update 24/10/17: VOTING IS OPEN!

Simply click on the banner below or go to to view the project on the Aviva Community Fund website. You can register on the site and vote for the project there. Feel free to share this page too!

Vote for Creating Ground in the Aviva Community Fund