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What do Faith-based organisations claim for?

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At CaSE Insurance, not only do we insure charities and social enterprises, we are also specialist insurers of faith-based organisations, religious groups and places of worship too. This blog focuses on claims from faith-based organisations…

Often the hardest part of risk management and insurance is working out what risks you face. It’s by understanding the risks that you can determine and appreciate what insurance is needed, as well as what risk management should be in place. It can be useful to understand what similar organisations make insurance claims for to help you understand what risks you may be exposed to.

So, here’s five recent claims that we have come across…

Claim 1: Trips and slips in a church

Despite some warning signage being in place, a volunteer slipped on a wet floor in a church causing them to hurt themselves. The volunteer was forced to take time off work leading to a claim against the church for pain and suffering and loss of income.

The church took some precautions with the use of signage, however, was negligent in that they did not restrict access to the area with a wet floor. This claim was covered under Public Liability, which covered both the legal costs and the damages to the claimant.

Claim 2: Theft of contents from a synagogue

A synagogue that is open to the public through the day reported that multiple religious items had been stolen whilst the premises was open and occupied. The theft was reported to the police, but the perpetrator could not be identified.

Though some policies will not cover theft without forcible and violent entry, CaSE Faith Insurance does include ‘walk-in theft’ subject to policy conditions and single article limits. This claim was covered under the Property Damage section.

Claim 3: Theft of Lead from a church

Despite having good security arrangements in place, a small, local church found that some lead flashing had been removed from the exterior of the property overnight. The value of the stolen property was over £25,000 and the metalwork was security marked.

This claim was covered under Property Damage section as the conditions required to cover theft of metalwork had been adhered to. Metalwork is automatically covered without any conditions up to a £25,000 limit.

Claim 4: Muslim community centre accidental contents damage

Volunteers at a Muslim community centre were rearranging some equipment in preparation for evening prayers. One of the volunteers tried to move a TV; it was knocked over and was damaged beyond repair. The TV needed to be replaced.

This accidental damage to insured contents was covered under the Property Damage section of cover and community centre were able to claim for a new-for-old replacement for the TV.

Claim 5: Burst pipes and escape of water at a synagogue

A water pipe burst under a synagogue burst. This escape of water caused damage to fixtures and furnishings and the cancellation of several bookings leading to a small loss of income for the church.

This claim was covered under Property Damage and the insured damaged fixtures and furnishings were replaced. In addition, cover for Trace and Access is included in CaSE Faith Insurance and this paid for locating the source of the burst pipe. The claim for the loss of income was covered under Business Interruption.

We hope that a few claims examples will help you understand the risks that your faith-based organisation or place of worship may face. If you’d like any more advice on insurance or risk management, please contact our team on 0333 800 9838. You can also find out more about insurance and risk management in our online Support Centre.