The Aviva Community Fund is back for 2018/19

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The Aviva Community Fund is back for 2018 and CaSE Insurance is pleased to offer our support to one of our clients. But who will it be? Read more about this fantastic opportunity and if you would like our support, please register your interest and we’ll pick one client to support!

Aviva Community Fund logoThe Aviva Community Fund is designed to support projects that could make a real impact in your community. Almost anyone can put forward an idea to help a local cause and receive vital funding from £1,000 to £25,000.

Whether you’re a registered charity or voluntary organisation, a local community group or just a bunch of friends trying to do some good, the Aviva Community Fund can help. Aviva are looking for projects that are action-oriented and that can, ideally, be delivered with the Aviva Community Fund funding alone and within a year or so. Plus, they should be UK-based.

Applying for the Aviva Community Fund

If you’d like to apply yourself, without our support, you can fill out the short entry form at: Your project should fall within one of the three categories and you should choose one of the four levels of funding too.

TOP TIP: Make sure your application is concise but demonstrates the services and impact you hope to provide. There is a total of three stages, and this application will form the basis of your project page, so you need it to ‘speak’ to potential voters…

Promote your project for online votes to help progress to the next stage

Speaking of votes, these are important! You need to promote your project and gather as many online votes as possible between 23 October to 20 November. These votes will help to see your project progress to the next stage.

TOP TIP: Remember, users will need to register to be able to vote, so manage expectations – it’s not as simple as going on the site and clicking vote, so make sure people know this, that way they’ll be less likely to give up when faced with a registration page. Also, Aviva offers the potential of entering a prize draw to those who do register, so tell potential voters this to lure them in!

If you gather enough votes to go through as a finalist, you may progress to the judged round, where a panel will examine your project and decide on winners in your category and funding level. If you’ve got to this stage, congratulations! Keep your fingers crossed and wait to hear!

CaSE Insurance support to enter the Broker Awards

As an Aviva partner, we are able to enter a client into the Broker Awards as well as the General Awards. This special category, where your insurance provider or broker enters your project on your behalf, means you may have a better chance of winning* (because you’re entered in to both the Broker and General Awards, there are more award’s available thus increasing your chances).

If you’d be interested in working with CaSE on your application, please complete the form below and register your interest.

Our support includes submitting the application on your behalf, thus entering you into the Broker Awards, and helping to promote your project to increase votes. However, do remember that you will still need to write the content for the application and provide details including key information, imagery, due diligence data, as well as helping to raise votes yourself, in order to have a greater chance of success!

*Please note, while the CaSE Insurance team will assist you with your application, it can’t make any guarantees that you will win and CaSE Insurance is not responsible in any way for the results of the Broker Awards. All entries are judged by Aviva based on the criteria set out by the Aviva Community Fund terms and conditions.

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