Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are an unfortunate reality of running an organisation. When you experience a loss or circumstance that may lead to a claim, CaSE Insurance is there to support you. Your policy documents will include all the relevant contact details and instructions on how to notify or make a claim 24 hours a day, however, if you do need help, our claims department is available to support you during office hours on 0333 800 9838.

Dealing with incidents

Contact us. The first thing you should do is contact us, your broker or insurer as soon as an incident that may lead to a claim occurs. If an injury is involved, provide the necessary assistance to the injured party first, then contact us to report the incident.

Top Tip: Your insurer is your advisor; ask them what to do.

Record evidence. Obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the involved parties. Try to obtain a brief description of what occurred. Make efforts to preserve any CCTV or other evidence of the incident and ensure this is kept safe; this may be relevant to insurers when assessing your claim.

Top Tip: Get people’s names and contact details before they leave the scene.

Moving forward. In speaking with your insurers, discuss if there are any steps that you should take immediately to ensure the safety of people you interact with. Is there a chance this incident could happen again? In the case of serious property damage or other losses, assess whether you need to implement your business continuity plan (BCP).

Top Tip: Make sure you have a BCP in place to assist you following an incident.