Charity shop and charity retail insurance

Specialist insurance cover for charities, voluntary groups and community organisations

Charity Shops are a key part of many charities. Operating as their retail arm – often in a social enterprise structure – these shops provide vital fundraising that charities are heavily reliant on.

CaSE Charity Insurance

CaSE Charity Insurance is a combined insurance policy designed specifically to meet the requirements of charities and social enterprises and is well-suited to charity shops and non-profit organisations with a retail operation.

It provides comprehensive and cost-effective cover, including for stock and goods-in-transit, is flexible and can be tailored to an organisation’s needs.

Charity shop insurance

If you're a charity shop with an income over £500,000 or a building to insure.


Small charity insurance

If you're a charity shop with an income under £500,000 and no buildings to insure.

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What cover is available?

CaSE Charity Insurance can be tailored to your organisation's needs and can cater for any or all of the following sections of cover.

Key points

  • Cover for stock and goods-in-transit
  • Shop volunteers included under Employers’ Liability
  • Extensions for Fidelity, protecting you against theft by staff or volunteers
  • Cover for cash available

Features and benefits

  • Tailored policy: only pay for the cover your organisation needs
  • Risk management support from experienced underwriters
  • Access to the MyWave Connect Information Portal
  • Opportunity for fundraising support in the Aviva Community Fund

Sections of cover

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