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Insurance for Charities, Voluntary and Community Organisations

CaSE Insurance is a specialist charity insurance provider and risk management partner for charities and voluntary organisations. CaSE Insurance was founded by charity insurance specialists aQmen Underwriting in partnership with leading charity umbrella body National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and charity law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite (BWB). With a mandate to offer comprehensive and cost-effective insurance solutions to the charity sector, we issued our first policy in 2007 and insure over 4,000 charitable and not-for-profit organisations.

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Key Points of our Cover

  • CaSE Charity Insurance covers volunteers as if they were staff
  • Cover is automatically provided for a wide range of activities and events
  • Unless specifically excluded, abuse and care and treatment are both covered
  • CaSE Charity Insurance can include Trustee Indemnity, with cost-effective extensions

What’s Covered?

The CaSE Charity Insurance policy is designed to be tailored to your charity’s needs. Depending on what insurance cover is required, our underwriters create a bespoke policy that is perfectly suited to your organisation. Our policy covers charities of any type or size, that undertake a multitude of charitable activities and is suitable across the charity and voluntary sectors, as well as community groups and other not-for-profit organisations.

Property Damage provides cover for your charity’s assets, such as buildings, contents and other physical property you either own or are responsible for. Another section of cover called Specified Business Equipment All Risks provides cover for equipment used away from your premises.
Business Interruption covers your charity or social enterprise for losses caused by interruption to your activities and operations following an insured incident at your premises where there is material damage insurance in place. Different types of Business Interruption cover available include Additional Expenses, Loss of Revenue or Gross Profit, or Rent.
Specified Business Equipment All Risks provides cover for business equipment and other items at or away from the premises. Equipment normally insured under this section includes laptops, mobile phone and portable electronic equipment as well as other items such as camping equipment, regalia and trophies.
Equipment Breakdown insurance provides you with cover for the direct losses experienced following electrical or mechanical breakdown of a very wide range of equipment. As well as electrical and mechanical breakdown (including explosion or collapse), this section of cover includes operator error leading to breakdown.
Employers’ Liability is legally-required for your charity’s or social enterprise if you have any employees (read more about this requirement on our blog). This insurance protects you against the cost of paying claims made by your employees for illness or injury sustained as a result of your negligence.

Public Liability is an important insurance for charities and social enterprises. It protects you from the cost of claims made by third parties (such as a member of the public, a service user or another organisation) such as for injury or damage to property caused by your organisation’s negligence.

Products Liability covers you for the cost of a claim for injury or damage caused by a product you either supply or produce.

These two insurances are often packaged together.

Legal Expenses insurance protects your charity or social enterprise from the legal costs arising from legal defence of contract disputes, appeals and investigations. This cover provides peace of mind to your organisation through access to legal advice and to ensure that you will be financially protected in the case of unexpected legal proceedings.
Professional Indemnity insurance provides cover up to an agreed indemnity limit in the event of any actual or alleged act, error or omission that may result in civil litigation when providing advisory, counselling, consultation and other services.
Trustee Indemnity insurance (which is similar to Directors and Officers Liability in the commercial world) can cover your organisation and individual trustees from claims arising out of an act, error or omission by a trustee. There is no legal requirement to purchase Trustee Indemnity, however, it is often considered by charities as a means of financial protection in the event of civil litigation and it reassures trustees that they are not personally liable.
Personal Accident insurance can provide financial support for your staff, trustees and volunteers following bodily injury or death. In addition, this section of cover can protect against some of the costs that the charity may incur after injury or death to staff or volunteers.  This cover should not be confused with Employers’ Liability cover which allows for legal redress in the event of death or injury due to negligence.
Charity Group Travel Insurance (also known as Group Business Travel insurance) covers your organisation’s employees, trustees and volunteers whilst travelling with your charity or social enterprise.
Charities and social enterprises often host fundraising and community-based events that require insurance. Venues may require charities to hold Public Liability before allowing them to host their event, as this insurance covers the cost of injury or damage claims from third parties caused by your negligence. CaSE Insurance can either provide specific special events insurance cover or it can be automatically included in your overall combined policy.

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Small Charities

CaSE Select is an insurance package for smaller organisations that predominantly do clerical/admin activities and don’t own a building.

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Large Charities

The CaSE Charity Insurance policy can be tailored to provide all the cover required by most organisations for a wide range of activities.

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