Faith Insurance

Specialist Insurance for Faith-based Organisations and Places of Worship

CaSE Faith is a natural extension of our ‘not-for-profit’ offering and is a new alternative insurance product for all faith-based organisations and their places of worship. This comprehensive, bespoke insurance policy recognises and addresses the insurance needs of religious groups and places of worship and provides a range of cover to suit your faith organisation.

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Who’s it for?

CaSE Faith Insurance is designed for any faith-based organisation or group. In addition to providing insurance to you, the CaSE Faith policy is especially equipped to insure your place of worship and contents, including items of religious significance. CaSE Faith is truly suitable for all religions and beliefs.

What’s covered?

A natural progression from our not-for-profit insurance, CaSE Faith covers your faith-based organisation with the necessary insurances for you to operate, protect your staff, volunteers and worshippers. Also available is insurance for your place(s) of worship, your religious artefacts (on an off the premises), events and gatherings and more.

Key Points

  • Cover to protect your faith-based organisation, your staff and volunteers and the community and worshippers that you work with
  • Insurance for your places of worship and contents, including for your religious artefacts on and off the premises
  • Places of worship are often open to the public so we include ‘walk-in’ theft, covering you without the requirement of forcible entry
  • Theft of metal is a common occurrence for places of worship, so we cover you if you use an approved forensic marker
  • We cover you for events and community programmes, but we provide Hirer’s Liability for when you rent out your premises