Group Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Charities & Faith Organisations

Our charity Group Travel Insurance policy provides comparable cover to other business travel policies, which are themselves similar to personal travel policies in terms of coverage. By arranging your travel insurance through CaSE Insurance, you are being looked after by a specialist charity insurer with an in-depth understanding of the activities that charities and social enterprises undertake and the locations visited.

Our Group Travel Insurance includes medical and repatriation expenses; trip cancellation and disruption; baggage and personal effects; money and travel documents; personal accident; legal expenses and personal liability and additional expenses in the event of hijack, kidnap and hostage.

 Top Travel Tips:

  • Always complete risk assessments.
  • Ensure each person travelling is provided full policy details including claims and other helpline telephone numbers.
  • Check the FCO website for travel safety advice in regards to countries to be visited.
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Key Points of our Cover

  • Cover for employees and volunteers when travelling within the UK or overseas.
  • Allows easy administration of the group’s insurance arrangements.
  • Assurance of consistent and appropriate cover.
  • Potential cost benefit when buying group cover rather than individual policies.
  • Specialist advice including travel to high risk territories.

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