Social Enterprise & CIC Insurance

Insurance for Social Enterprises & Community Interest Companies (CIC)

CaSE Insurance’s flagship insurance policy is designed to be suitable for any social enterprise or community interest company (CIC). CaSE Insurance provides insurance cover to a wide range of social enterprises and CICs, who engage in a variety of for-social-good activities and operations. As well as a fantastic and tailored insurance policy with great cover, we provide extensive risk management support and can help your social enterprise succeed.

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Who’s it for?

Our insurance policy is designed for all social enterprises and community interest companies. We can cater for any organisation under the umbrella of these terms and, no matter what activities your organisation is undertaking or what social or environmental injustice you are seeking to correct, don’t hesitate to get a quote from CaSE Insurance.

What’s covered?

The CaSE Charity Insurance policy is tailored to your needs. Dependant on what insurances are required, our underwriters create a bespoke policy that is perfectly suited to your social enterprise or community interest company. Your policy can include cover for buildings, contents, stock-in-trade (for example, if you’re a charity shop), activities and events and much more.

Key Points

  • Specifically designed and tailored insurance for social enterprises and community interest companies
  • The CaSE Insurance policy covers volunteers as if they were staff, unlike most office, and some other charity policies
  • Cover is automatically provided for a wide range of activities and events, allowing your social enterprise to hold events without extra policies
  • Our Charity Insurance policy can provide cover for Dishonesty (Fidelity) and ensure you’re covered for theft by staff/volunteers
  • If you’re a Charity Shop, or similar, read about our Charity Shop Insurance

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Small Social Enterprises

CaSE Select is an insurance package for smaller social enterprises that predominantly do clerical/admin activities and don’t own a building.

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Large Social Enterprises

Our insurance is perfect for social enterprises and can be tailored to provide all the cover you need for a wide range of activities.

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