Trustee Indemnity Insurance

Insurance to protect charities and trustees

Depending on your charity’s constitution, it may be able to limit the liability of trustees. Equally, a charity may commit to indemnifying trustees using the charity’s funds. However you handle limiting trustees’ liabilities, a properly arranged Trustee Indemnity policy will protect both the organisation and individual trustees.

In addition to the limits of indemnity afforded to you by a Trustee Indemnity insurance policy – which may depend on the size and complexity of your organisation and your exposure to risk – another benefit of Trustee Indemnity is access to experienced insurance advisers who can provide expert advice to protect and assist trustees when claims or investigations arise.

Whilst Trustee Indemnity will cover awards or fines where agreed within the policy terms and conditions, the primary benefit of this insurance is to meet costs involved in cases of wrongful acts and investigations including those brought about by the Charity Commission or HMRC.

Our charity Trustee Indemnity insurance is available as part of our combined Charity Insurance covers. It is also available as standalone policy and can also be combined with other management liability insurances within our Executive Risk insurance.  These additional options include Professional Indemnity and Employment Practices Liability.

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Key Points of our Cover

  • Protects your charity and your trustees for costs and awards due to trustee error or negligence.
  • Provides access to insurer’s extensive expertise in defending claims or investigations.
  • Provides peace-of-mind to trustees and protects your charity’s assets.
  • Available as part of our combined Charity Insurance covers or our Executive Risk insurance policy.