Risk Management Support

Risk management involves identifying, understanding and addressing risk. This is a vital function in any organisation, including charities. Good risk management is a sign of a well-managed organisation, which is what insurers look for when you approach them for insurance.

CaSE Insurance is committed to supporting charities, social enterprises and faith-based organisations with their insurance and risk management needs through providing relevant and straightforward information and advice. We offer a suite of risk management and insurance resources that are free for all to access and use in our Risk Support Centre. We also offer free insurance reviews, available by contacting our friendly team.

Risk Support Centre

The Risk Support Centre contains a range of information and guidance for managing risk and insurance, as well as common templates and tools that charities, social enterprises and faith-based organisations may find useful, such as risk assessments and business continuity plans. The support centre is free to access for all.

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CaSE Information Service

In addition, CaSE Insurance clients exclusively benefit from access to the more detailed CaSE Information Service. This is a valuable and extensive library of up-to-date and relevant toolkits, guides, templates and resources to help you manage your organisation. There are a broad range of topics covered within the CaSE Information Service, including risk management and awareness; health and safety and workplace wellness; legislation and regulation; policy templates and guides and employment and volunteer guidance. The CaSE Information Service is available to CaSE Insurance clients.

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Your Guide to Risk Management & Insurance

In addition to our online resources, we have developed a guide to insuring your organisation for both charities and voluntary groups and faith-based organisations. These resources can help you plan, manage your risk and understand your insurance needs. The guides have been created to be relevant to all types and sizes of organisation and address the process for risk management and insurance buying and include a suggested framework to help you identify specific areas of risk and how you might deal with them. If you need any help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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