Radio Society of Great Britain Insurance

CaSE Insurance is a specialist insurance provider and risk management partner for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises. We were founded and remain owned by National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), a national charity umbrella body, Bates Wells Brathwaite, a leading charity law firm and aQmen Limited, a specialist charity underwriter. We are delighted to have been appointed by RSGB to provide a central insurance policy effective from 29th April 2017  for 12 months.

RSGB Member Groups

RSGB’s Public Liability (cover) extends to include Member Groups, undertaking activities as follows:

  • Member Groups – club nights, radio activities, public demonstrations, rallies, contests, ARDF, training.
  • Repeater/Beacon & Packet Node Groups – rent of space on masts from BT and similar and attach radio equipment
  • Raynet – Provide Radio services to emergency services for training purposes and occasionally for live operations, e.g. at large events.

The cover provided is as follows…

SectionIndemnity LimitDescription*
10Public Liability£10,000,000Legal liability for damages and costs in respect of accidental injury to person, accidental damage to property or accidental nuisance occurring in connection with the business of the insured as well as legal costs incurred with written consent.

If you are an RSGB Member Group and you want evidence of your cover, you must log onto the membership section of the RSGB website where you will be able to view and download a copy of a “To whom it may concern” letter.  You will also find a copy of the policy wording to view and download. (Section 10, “Public Liability”, is the relevant section).

You can find a copy of the CaSE Insurance Summary of Cover here. The relevant section is Section 10, “Public Liability”.

If you are an RSGB member and have any questions about the cover being provided, please call us on 0333 800 9838.

General Information about Insurance

For a copy of our free Guide to Insuring your Charity or Social Enterprise, please click here.

Additional Insurance Cover

CaSE Insurance can provide RSGB Member Groups with additional insurance cover, including mobile radio equipment (see Business Equipment in the form below).

If you would like a quote, please fill in the details requested below and click Request a Quote.

Your Details

1Property DamageAccidental damage and theft for business assets such as buildings, contents, stock in trade and rent.Yes
2Business InterruptionNormally for Additional Expenditure to cover temporary accommodation costs caused by interruption following damage or loss to insured property.Yes
3Business EquipmentIndemnity cover for accidental damage (including away from the premises) to agreed mobile radio equipment, business equipment and other items.Yes
5Equipment BreakdownThis is automatically included where there is direct physical loss following electrical or mechanical breakdown (including explosion or collapse) of covered equipment.Yes
6MoneyLoss of money, including crossed cheques and credit cards, up to specified limits as well as the cost of repair or replacement of safes, tills and the like if damaged as a result of theft.Yes
7Fidelity GuaranteeLoss of Money or other property through any dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act of any Employee whether committed by the Employee alone or in collusion with other persons.Yes
8Goods in TransitDamage to specified goods whilst in transit.Yes
13Motor No Claims Discount and Excess ProtectionIndemnity against any losses incurred by any Insured Person as a result of the loss or reduction of their No Claims Discount or the payment of the Excess, as defined below, in connection with a Motor Accident whilst acting as a Voluntary Driver.Yes
17Group Personal AccidentBodily injury in the course of employment occurring anywhere within the geographical limits and during the period of insurance.Yes

If you have any questions please call us on 0333 800 9838.