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Event Cancellation

Event Cancellation insurance often complements other forms of event insurance, such as Public Liability, but is often overlooked despite the great peace of mind it can provide.

Why should I buy Event Cancellation insurance?

When putting your time and energy into the planning and running of an event, the worst-case scenario is that the event has to be cancelled due to a situation that is outside of your control. This is when Event Cancellation Insurance can prove truly beneficial.

What does it cover?

Event Cancellation insurance helps to protect the monetary undertakings (e.g. venue costs and travel expenses) made by your organisation in setting up the event and the anticipated revenue* (e.g. ticket sales, advertising and sponsorship revenue) which would be lost because of the necessary cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption or relocation of the event.

*Please note that the indemnity in respect of the above will be limited to the extent that your organisation can satisfactorily prove it would have been received.

Coverage is usually available for, but not limited to, the following;

Adverse weather
• Natural catastrophe
• Extra expenses
• Power failure
• Public transport failure or denial of access
• The inability of any person(s) to appear at your event e.g. speakers, teams or performer’s non-appearance

What is not covered?

As is the case with all insurance policies, a number of exclusions apply and when considering purchasing such insurance you should always read the quotation and policy wording fully to ensure you fully understand what these are.

These are some of the most common exclusions:

Financial failure of the event
• Lack of sales or shortage of receipts
• Lack of or inadequate response, support or withdrawal by any party
• Inadequate attendance / Insufficient interest

What events can be covered?

Charity Event Insurance can be purchased for a wide variety of different event types, from trade shows and firework displays to concerts. For a quick answer as to whether your event can be covered please contact CaSE.

Claims Examples

Adverse Weather

  • Heavy snowfall causes the event to be abandoned
  • Flooding causes grandstand seating to sink

Public Transport Failure or denial of access

  • Tube strike prevents attendees from reaching the venue

The inability of any person(s) to appear at your event

  • Rock star breaks his leg and can no longer perform
  • Keynote speaker has a crash and cannot attend the event

Utilities Failure

  • Power grid supply failure causes shut down of theatres
  • Water supply failure causes shut down of exhibition

Other Anomalies

  • Sprinkler leakage causes flooding and damage to exhibits and venue
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